Leadership, Empowered
MyChapterRoom serves as a central hub for relationship, communication and chapter community management for leaders and their teams.
MCR gives leaders everything they need in a single, easy-to-use and customizable communications solution. This suite of tools allows leaders to focus on the member experience and not worry about administrative challenges.
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What Leaders are Saying
"MCR is an amazing program that keeps everything in one place from everyone’s contact and personal information to the chapter’s event calendar, making my life as President organized and manageable. I literally cannot imagine being able to manage a big chapter like mine without it, especially with the entire world currently going virtual. As President, my favorite feature is text message announcements, that way I know any and all information I need to get out to the chapter is sent out and my sisters are seeing it."
"MCR is a great investment for any chapter large or small. It allows, collegians and advisors to be in constant communication, it allows chapter members to stay current with the calendar, points, etc."
"MCR has been amazing for our chapter. I honestly would be lost without the use of the internal website for communication with the chapter, event updates and reminders through calendars and forums, along with the elimination of endless paperwork by utilizing electronic signatures."
"I love using MCR because it included all aspects a chapter of sorority (or fraternity) could ever need. It allows single communication, budgets, votes, and everything in between. I couldn’t imagine being a leader in my chapter without this service. It has given me a sense of ease and peace of mind knowing that I can communicate with my chapter instantly with one app while being reliable. I am grateful for it."
"MyChapterRoom tremendously centralizes communication within a chapter. We are in the process of using it to cut off use of our email list serve, and find it also makes the jobs of our exec officers so much easier. We love it and Penny has been so helpful this whole year! I highly recommend it!"
"MCR continues to be an excellent addition to our house. We have used it for last minute things we forgot at meetings, a reference for phone numbers of our sisters, event dates and times are always posted for those who can't remember and keeping in touch with out of house sisters. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making this so amazing and easy to use."
"MCR has made communicating with my women in my organization a 1000x easier! I couldn't imagine using anything else. Besides the email and the emergency text messaging, MCR has so many other features that everyone in the organization knows everything that is going on from the forums to the calendar all the information is right at your fingertips."
Running a Chapter Shouldn’t Feel So Complicated.

But if you’ve got too many systems to manage, everything takes longer than it should. Try to announce an event on one platform, take attendance with another, send a chapter-wide email with a third, message a specific group on a fourth, collaborate on a fifth – and the nightmare begins!  We Can Help.

1 Send and track communications that you know will reach everyone, every time.
2 Capture accurate attendance, seamlessly and virtually.
3 Avoid frustration over missed or mixed messages due to using multiple platforms.
4 Revolutionize your member engagement through internal project management and connectivity tools.
5 Focus your energy on leading and supporting your members!

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