5 Ways To Make Your Sorority Sister Feel Extra Special On Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and you find yourself without that special person to spend time with today.


Just before you’re ready to throw in the white towel and call it a day, you might’ve overlooked some of the best people to spend time with on this very day. Who better to spread the love to than your indispensable sorority sisters! After all, they are the ones that are there for you through the laughs and the cries and some of the tedious and tough days of college. They help you pull through to the next level. Don’t you think it’s time to give back (again)? Here are five economical gifts that you can give to your sister/s in return for all of the love they’ve given you throughout the year.

1 ) A Godiva box of chocolate

After all, what woman wouldn’t want chocolate?

There’s nothing quite that says, “I love and appreciate you so much”, like a box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. With all the different flavors, shapes and sizes, there’s plenty to last for the week or night (if it’s that kind of night). If you plan on spending time together, we suggest you buy a box of your own. We have a feeling she might not want to share!




2) A bouquet of flowers

How sweet!

A bouquet of white roses is a guarantee smile and hug from any woman, let alone your sorority sister. (What a combo!)

If you really want to make an impression and brighten someone’s Valentine’s day, then pick up 8-12 flowers at the nearest flower shop and hand deliver them to your sister. You can also choose to order them online and have them sent directly to her dorm room. Now that…. Is a real sister!


3) Sorority Letter Lavalier


You can not go wrong with gifting your sister a lavalier for her to represent her sorority’s letters. You can not go wrong at all!

Everyone in the Greek community knows how special these are and how much pride comes with wearing one of these around campus. So give her the gift of pride for Valentine’s day!



4) Travel Cup

After all, it is the middle of winter. Get her a travel cup to carry around her tea, coffee or hot chocolate. It might be a long walk for her to get from her dorm room to her classroom in the morning and she can use some warmth in her hands and body. This is the perfect gift that’ll make her think of you every time she decides to use it.




5) A Handwritten Note

There’s nothing that can make an impact or leave a nice touch like a handwritten note.

Write a note to your sister sharing how much love you have for her and what she means to you. You’ll have her tearing hearts of joy out of her eyes. We promise!

So now it’s time to choose which gift to give to her!

Having a tough time choosing? Yes… Us too!

If you really want to go overboard and be the best sorority sister (or at least the favorite), then get her all five gifts and remember to let her know where you came up with the idea from! (if you know what we mean 😉 )


Happy Valentine’s Day! We love and appreciate you and we hope that you’re all feeling the love as much as we are!

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