Testimonial Tuesday with AXO Alpha Tau

My name is Megan Mason and I am the chapter president of the Alpha Tau chapter at the University of New Hampshire. MCR is helpful to our chapter in so many ways. For starters you can set all emails to come directly to your phone which, is a very fast and efficient way to get important updates and information from your executive board as well as other sisters within the chapter. Beyond that though you get to see who is in your classes which is very beneficial if you may need help in that class or want to get to know sisters you may not be super close with who are in your classes. Another great part is that there is a sister phone list which, allows you to get a sisters phone number if you need to call or text them for any reason also it includes their email. MCR really is a very effective way to get your chapters communicate to be efficient and for things that may have been forgotten to be said at chapter to still reach all of our sisters. It also allows you to return to all emails and forums so that if you forget something/ want to check dates on the calendar it is all available for you to do so! Our chapter really enjoys it and I would highly recommend it to any chapter that doesn’t already have it!!