Ways to Learn More About Your Sorority Sisters

There are so many new sorority sisters every year. It can be challenging to get to know them all with your busy schedule. Set aside some time for an event with all your sorority sisters and get to know them better. Here are 3 of our favorite icebreaker games that will help you and your sisters connect!

1. Two Truths and a Tale


I am sure most of you already know this game. It is a crowd favorite within icebreaker games. It’s simple, you go around the room and everyone has to mention two things that are true about themselves, and a lie. These three statements can be said in whichever order you want. After a person gives their statements, the rest of the women have to guess which statement is a untrue.


This game will give you two more true pieces of information about each of your sorority sisters. It will also help you understand how they think, and what they like talking about. This can later on spark some great conversations.

You can play it just as one of your icebreaker games with no other end. You can also make the game competitive. In the competitive version, every sister has to make a guess before the lie is revealed. Every time someone identifies the correct statement as a lie, they earn a point. At the end of the game the sister with the most points wins!

2. Yarn Web Game


This is one of my favorite because it is active and so it is easy to make sure everyone is participating

You will need:

  1. One ball of yarn
  2. Adequate space

Get everyone in a circle. The first person will hold on to the beginning of the ball of yarn. This person should begin talking about yarnthemselves.

           “Hello my name is Melanie, I grew up in New Hampshire, …”

When someone else in the circle has something in common with the speaker they should say “me too”. Still holding on to the string, Melanie will toss the ball of yarn to the person that said “me too”. Then this person will repeat the process

           “Hi, my name is Sarah, I have two sisters, …”

And again will pass the ball to whomever says me too.

Things to keep in mind:

It is okay if you have the same name as someone in the room. That is something you have in common, so say “me too” and pass the ball of yarn.

More than one person may have the same thing in common. Choose one person and pass it on (try to pass it to people who haven’t participated yet).

Remember, every time the ball passes through your hands you must hold on to the string. At the end you will have a beautiful web that connects the group in in different ways. This is one of the icebreaker games which has no winners. The aim is to get to know more about your sorority sisters. Also you have a visual representation of how much unites you despite your differences.

A neat thing to do after you are done creating the web is to cut pieces of string. Then you can tie the strings to each other as bracelets, keychains. The point is to have a symbol that represents your connection. Another thing you can do instead of cutting the string is to use it as art. You will need a big empty wall where you can hang the web up in the house. It can become a beautiful piece of art in which everyone took part of.


3. Never Have I Ever


This game is also a well-known within the icebreaker games. It starts by putting all your ten fingers up. Go around the circle saying something you have never done. For example:


           “Never have I ever, gone to Mexico”Never have I ever

Whomever has gone to Mexico has to put a finger down. The first person to have all her fingers down loses. Well or wins, depending how you want to play it. Again the main idea of this game is get to know more about your sorority sisters.

Everyone can come up with their own questions and go around until someone has no more fingers up. You can also look up questions and use them for the game. Here are some examples:

Never have I ever…

  • Dyed my hair
  • Baked a cake from scratch
  • Broken a bone
  • Built something out of wood
  • Opened Christmas presents early
  • Laughed so hard I cried
  • Been to Europe
  • Been skydiving

You can check out more here 

Some questions have some great back stories. Be open to stop the game and listen to some great stories that your sorority sisters have lived through.

There is another variant of this game, which makes it more active. It is played with chairs set on a circle. You should have one chair less than the the total number of people. One person stands in the center and is the one who makes the never have I ever statement. Everyone who has done it must stand up and then look for another place. The person in the center should look for a spot too. The last person without a place will be the next to make the never have I ever statement.