4 Games You Can Play To Bond With Your Sorority Sisters

Make it a fun night in with your sorority sisters and these 4 games 

The semester has just commenced. Soon you will have new chapter leaders and new recruits. It’s a great time to start doing activities that collaborate the sisterhood. There’s nothing like breaking the ice or awkwardness in the air at the beginning of a spring semester. After all, you just got back from break and you’re struggling to gain rapid momentum. Games would be fun! Here are 4 games that would ease the burden of jumping right into the semester:

Would You Rather

This game is an easy one. Although if you have to think about the questions you will need a lot of imagination!

Here are the rules:

You have to start with two improvised statements. The crazier they are, the more fun the game will be . Then everyone has to choose which of these two statements are preferred. Here are some examples:

“Would you rather live one life that lasts 1,000 years or live 10 lives that last 100 years each?”

“Would you rather not have the ability to sneeze when a sneeze lingers in your nostril or have something stuck in your eye for an entire year?”

“Would you rather be able to speak fluently in every language around the world or be the best in the world at something of your choosing?”

With the proper imagination and the right crowd, this game can get really exciting and produce some laughs throughout the night. You can certainly learn a lot about your sisters and their preferences pet peeves, and more.

Paper Planes With a Twist

For this game you are going to need a lot of paper and pens. The next step is to write one thing that characterizes you on the paper. Again this statement could be about anything; hair color, number of siblings, if you are a city or town girl. Whatever you’d like. When you are done, fold and crease your piece of paper until it appears as a paper plane and throw it around the room. Now to mix it up, walk around the room pick up a paper airplane and throw it in a different direction. Repeat that a couple times so the airplanes are mixed around. Now pick up a paper airplane and keep it. Go back to the circle. You can read it whenever you’d like but don’t show it around just yet.

In a circle, each sister will say out loud the statement on the paper airplane. She will then have one guess to see if they can identify the author of their paper airplane. If she guesses correctly, the person who wrote the paper is eliminated. If the person guessed incorrectly, move on to the next person if the person.

Once everyone in the circle has guessed, the sisters who haven’t been correctly identified move on to the second round. During the second round you create a new set of airplanes. This round of airplanes will have two statements. The first statement will be the one you used for your previous round and the second will be a new statement. Again whoever gets correctly matched is eliminated. The remaining sisters can go on to the next round by creating new paper planes. The new paper planes will now have the previous two statements and a new one. You can keep doing this until everyone is correctly matched to their paper plane.

This game is a fun way not only to learn about your sisters, but also to see how sisters think of you. Will they recognize you with things you believe represent you? Will someone else’s description make them think of you?

This game is really a mix between different icebreaker games. Therefore you can play it with different variants like points or by eliminations. You can put less or more statements per round. You may allow more than one guess per sister to make it easier. Feel free to try it in different ways and have fun with it!  

Cards Against Humanity

This is one of our favorite games to play with big groups. There are two sets of cards. The black cards give you a prompt sentence that you will have to fill in the gaps with the white cards you have. The objective is to complete the prompt sentence with the funniest card based on the words used to complete the statement.

The person who has the black card will choose what the funniest way to complete the sentence is. The person who has created the funniest statement wins the round.

We think this is a fun game that helps you get to know your sisters better because you will need to to use your comedic imagination in order to have your sentence chosen as the funniest of the group. One thing we guarantee is that this game will bring tons of laughs throughout the night.


This game is legendary! We all know this one.

You play in teams and you have to guess a word or set of words from a drawing your teammate illustrates. Remember, you don’t need to be Picasso. You just need to be creative and do the simplest drawing you can that will help your teammates guess the word or object you’re attempting to draw. You only have one minute to complete the drawing and have your teammates guess. So you have to use your time wisely and help your guide them in the right direction with your artistry!

We hope you enjoy game night with your sorority sisters. After all, what’s sisterhood without tons of laughs and fun!?