6 Pop-up Pink Events

Raise breast cancer funds and awareness

You don’t need a big budget, lots of planning, or really much of anything else to pull off these fun activities to raise money for breast cancer organizations this month. You need willing friends, a location, and the ability to turn out a crowd for some ad-hoc silliness in the name of a very serious cause.

Pink Car Wash

Look cute in pink while washing cars with water-colored pink suds.

Pretty in Pink Runway

• Charge entry fees
• Create categories:
– Daytime, formal, cocktail, drag, group, etc.
• Who wore it best (give contestants a pink t-shirt the day before the event and let the embellishments begin!)

Pink Treats

Hold a bake sale with you guessed it, pink sweets

Bra Pong

Start a campus-wide (or smaller) team competition with playoffs and silliness.
Fasten bras of assorted size to a board. Teams pay to compete (per round). Assign points to each bra (degree of difficulty). Use ping-pong balls – what else – participants get 3 tosses per round. Or, make up your own rules.

Pink is the New Orange

Pumpkin carving/painting/decorating contest. Charge an entry fee to cover costs of pumpkins and basic supplies. Contestants can also bring their own supplies.
Non-participants can vote for their favorites using tip-jars. Pumpkin earning highest donation amount WINS!

Door Decoration Contest

Dorms and chapter houses compete by internally them among participating residences. Funds are raised from entry fees and tip-jar crowd voting.

Statistics put college women at very low risk for breast cancer. But, for those older women in your lives – who are facing diagnosis, treatment, and survival – your awareness activities and the funds raised for organizations that support these women make a big difference.

The MCR team would love to hear from anyone who hosted one of these events. Send us photos and we’ll feature you on our Facebook page.