7 Tech Abilities You Should Gain Before Graduating College

Graduation is closer than you think and before you go out to the “real world” you should be ready for it. The world is moving toward all tech and that is the slight edge the younger generations have over older people with more experience. Now is the time to gain these tech abilities. Become a master of these set of tech skills so that you can stand out over all that experience from the people that are already in the workforce.

Let’s go over these skills:


Typing Ability:

In the corporate world, most jobs are performed digitally, on a computer. If you have the ability to type fast and correctly, you will save a lot of time. Keep this in mind, the more efficient you are with your time the stronger the likelihood that you’ll outperform your colleagues.

Social Media:

Even though many people already understand fundamentals of social media platforms, there is a lot more to understand about them that can benefit your future company or corporate work position. A few things to hone in on when using social media are who the target audience is, how to approach them, and what information you can collect from their behaviors that can benefit your marketing strategy.

Online Etiquette Skills:

Knowing how to address people in different platforms will save you a lot of embarrassing moments. Obviously never post something that you wouldn’t be ok with your grandma seeing. Yet there are different levels of formality and etiquette that you can use depending on who you’re reaching out to  and on which platform you’re using.

Internet search pro:

After all those research papers at school you should be able to get the answers you need in the least number of searches possible. Researching abilities are an asset that can be used to stay sharp and up-to-date on current information for future conversations or presentations.

Self-learning Skills:

It is inevitable that you will come across things you don’t understand or know what they are. You can’t always count on an accountability partner, your colleague or your sorority sister to give you the answers. Practice doing things on your own and build that muscle to the point you are independent.

Working On The Cloud:

Getting in the habit of sharing information securely with coworkers, friends, or sorority sisters is crucial. Practice backing up data instantly so that your work can have a peacefully trust that your work will be saved.

Privacy and Security Awareness:

The same way you should know about methods of sharing information, you should also know about keeping it private. What information can you share? And with who?  What should be kept private and what shouldn’t?  These are vital questions to ask oneself before deciding to spread information throughout the internet. This secures you from people phishing or stalking you. Along with these tips, stay away from email spam. That can a huge source for computer viruses.  Ultimately, be sure to have an antivirus software installed in your computer.

The more you know, the better. The more skills you have under your belt, the more leverage you have when you go out into the workforce. But be sure to have these basic skills mastered. It’ll be easier to stand out in a crowd of workers that are average at these fundamental skill sets. You’ll be ahead of the curve if you practice early and often.

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