Have a Productive Summer Break

summer readingSummer break is a fun and exciting time for college students! You get to kick back, relax, and enjoy a few months without having to worry. No exams, no reports, and no deadlines: What a great time to get some much-needed rest. Right?

Well, yes – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of summer, too.

It’s important to give yourself some time to decompress and unwind, but you can also take great steps in whatever personal goals are important to you. If you stay active and invested in the things you value most, you’ll be energized when class time rolls around again.

What’s the best way to use your precious summer days?

1 Find a Summer Job or Internship

Saving up for something fun? A summer job will help you earn some money and build skills in the workplace. True, not all summer jobs will make a huge difference on your career path, but you might learn something or make valuable connections that will help you later. A little extra cash to spend or save won’t hurt, either!

2 Have a Summer Reading List

You don’t necessary have to read War and Peace to keep your brain happy. Reading any genre is worthwhile. It only takes an hour a day to plug through a few pages. Try to set a goal to read at least one book a month and plan ahead. Challenge mode: One book a week.

fitness plan3 Implement a Fitness Plan

No matter what your fitness goals are, remember this: The real key to sticking to it is finding something you enjoy. Running, swimming, or even MMA – explore and see what works for you and your summer break schedule!

4 Volunteer

There are plenty of great causes in your own neighborhood you can get involved with. Even volunteering for a few hours a day over the weekends during your summer break can make a big difference to your local soup kitchen, library, retirement home, or other facility. Plus, you get the terrific feeling of knowing that you helped to make a difference for others.

5 Learn a New Skill

Just because school’s out, it doesn’t mean you have to stop learning! In fact, you can actually get a lot more done with fewer distractions and better control over your schedule. Consider learning a language or digging into a skill you’ll need for your future career. If you’re feeling ambitious, you might grab a class or two at a community college and earn some summer credits!