How your Greek Experience will Forever Impact You!

People join sororities and fraternities for various reasons. Maybe it was to make friends, to become more involved, or to gain more leadership opportunities. Regardless of the reason, your membership has provided you with more than you realize! When joining a sorority or fraternity you gain valuable life experiences, that you will be able to use and transfer in various occasions!

Your membership in your organization has provided you with various skills and opportunities, it is important that you understand how to leverage your experience, so that you can talk about it with any future endeavor. 

Leadership opportunities

Within your chapter, you have various opportunities to get involved. Whether it is serving on a committee, running an event, or leading on your chapter’s executive board, all of these experiences have helped prepare you for your future career. When serving within any of these positions, you are exemplifying your ability to work well with others, time management skills, organization techniques, and communication skills. These are all useful, transferable competencies that will help you succeed within any future experience and will make you a more attractive candidate for any future employer.

Demonstrating your time commitment

Joining a fraternity or sorority, you become a member for life, and that establishes your dedication and connection to your chapter. Your involvement with your chapter will exemplify to any employer your potential devotion to your future organization. Through your lifetime membership and commitment, you demonstrate your devotion and engagement for your chapter, which will transfer to your dedication for your future career. 


When joining a fraternity or sorority, you are joining more than your chapter. You enter a network of people with the same interests as you. Through your membership you learn how to network, while gaining a network of people. Through formal recruitment, meeting with campus advisors, and exchanges with outside organizations you are learning networking skills that will be transferable and helpful when entering the workforce. 


Exemplifying your values 

When joining a sorority or fraternity, you are adhering and demonstrating your organization’s values. By claiming your membership, you are also claiming these values. As a Greek Life member, you demonstrate that you value friendship, integrity, leadership, and service. These values serve as a great asset to you with any future endeavor, in particular any future career.

Your fraternity or sorority membership provides you with a lot of experiences and skills that will make you more successful in the future. Your experience has prepared you for success, now share that!