MyChapterRoom Expands Integration with Alpha Sigma Tau

Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority expands its partnership with MyChapterRoom (MCR), a comprehensive chapter management platform, to enhance features and capabilities for streamlined collegiate chapter communication and collaboration.

MCR provides one clear place for collegiate chapter members and advisors to communicate and manage their chapter business. Features include:

  • Polls and surveys
  • Digital sign-up sheets
  • Project management tools
  • Chapter document storage
  • Interactive chapter calendar
  • Event and study hour check-ins
  • Text and app notification blasts to members
  • Built-in member engagement incentive system
  • Branded customizable website for each chapter
  • Knowledge base and chat for technical assistance

Since the inception of Alpha Sigma Tau’s partnership with MCR in 2019, the MyChapterRoom team has updated and adapted many existing features to suit the needs of both AΣΤ collegiate members and the National Organization’s technological infrastructure.

MCR’s full site and mobile app provides members and advisors with easy-to-use tools to collaborate and stay organized with AΣΤ programs, goals, and business.

“We strive to partner with vendors who understand the collegiate sorority chapter experience and adapt to the ever-changing needs of our members,” said Jim Paponetti, Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Sigma Tau. “With MCR being a tool made for sorority women by sorority women, it was clear from the beginning that our partnership with MCR would only enhance the collegiate chapter experience.”

Throughout the 2020-2021 academic year, MCR developed technology to fully integrate Alpha Sigma Tau’s existing database provided by Patriot Software Solutions, Inc. This integration allows for two-way communication between the Sorority’s national database and MyChapterRoom systems.

These developments provide a more streamlined user experience for members, enhanced data integrity, and flexibility for future add-ons.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with Alpha Sigma Tau. “ said Penny Zamkov, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MyChapterRoom. “From day one, our partnership has thrived, enhancing the sorority experience for all AΣΤ members. We look forward to the future and will continue to strive to empower leaders to streamline their connections and communications with their chapter members.”

“In this digital age, we know how important user experience is to the overall membership experience,” said Jim. “MCR has been a great partner in meeting the needs of our chapters while ensuring our systems and processes are connected and working together efficiently.”

About MyChapterRoom
MyChapterRoom serves as a central hub for relationship, communication, and chapter community management. MyChapterRoom is a comprehensive chapter management platform that strengthens member engagement while advancing the member experience. Organizations benefit from enterprise-wide transparency, shared brand identity, streamlined resources, metrics and statistics, and technology integration.

About Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority
Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority is a national, lifelong organization that provides women with lasting and meaningful friendships grounded in shared values, relevant skills necessary to navigate life, and opportunities to enrich the lives of women. Since our founding in 1899 at Eastern Michigan University, we have initiated more than 60,000 women who are committed to Defining Excellence.

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