The Importance of Communication in Sororities

communicationCommunication is one of the most important parts of getting things done in any group. People can share ideas and work out conflicts in productive ways. Communication becomes even more important when you’re in a sorority with dozens or hundreds of other women. It’s the only way to make sure everyone’s point of view is respected!

Everyone has a part to play in creating a healthy environment where open dialogue can take place – but it’s especially important for the sorority women who are involved as leaders of their chapter. Others notice the behavior of leaders, and the tone they set has a lot of influence. When communication is a priority, your chapter has more opportunities to be successful.
Let’s look at some important tips for effective sorority communication:

Cultivate Open Communication from the Start

No matter who they are, people communicate best when they feel safe and trusted. It’s hard to be open and honest about your ideas if you feel like someone “in authority” will use their power against you. Make sure everyone knows that opinions are welcome – by being visible, easy to find, and ready to talk to sisters about any topic that concerns them.

Never Be Afraid to Explain Your Decisions

Chapter leaders have access to a lot more resources and information than other sisters do. When leaders make a decision, they might think the logic behind it is obvious, but it isn’t always. No matter whether a decision is big or small, you should have a communication plan to make sure everyone understands.

Get Feedback and Use It

Every sister should be involved in her sorority on some level – but everyone is different, and not every person will be deeply involved in every aspect. That’s okay! Each sister has her own perspective and could have valuable feedback. Make it easy to share suggestions: Set aside special time for feedback at the end of meetings.

communicationConsider Using a Tool Like MyChapterRoom (MCR)

Planners, Post-Its, and mobile phone reminders can only go so far. When you have a growing, active sorority, your best bet is to use a system that makes things quick and easy. MCR is special platform designed by a sorority woman specifically for running your chapter. It centralizes things like scheduling, tracking, and communication so they’re more consistent and valuable for every sister.

No matter what opportunities or challenges your chapter goes through, one of the most important things is to stay positive! Sisters look to each other for guidance and inspiration, so attitude matters. Remember, it all starts with communication!