5 Tips for Staying Healthy as a College Student this Winter

Staying healthy is always a challenge during winter, as cold weather and flu season start to set in. However, it’s even more of a challenge this year, given the pandemic. College students are facing mental and physical challenges that they have never experienced before, and with COVID-19’s large presence on college campuses, we know how difficult it is to stay healthy. 

Here are our five top health tips to keep yourself safe and healthy: 

Keep your hands clean and don’t touch your face!

It is important to wash your hands with soap and water.

Washing with soap and water, or always keeping an alcohol-based hand sanitizer around you, is essential. We don’t realize how often we touch our faces during the day; sanitizing your hands and trying to restrict touching your eyes or mouth can be the reason you stay COVID-free.

Follow state and local recommendations

Whether it’s wearing a mask anytime you leave your house, or avoiding large indoor gatherings, your health officials have your best interests at heart. Even though it might be difficult to refuse going to that one Friendsgiving, or Secret Santa party, it might be what keeps you healthy this holiday season! 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with your diet and exercise routine

Eating a nutrient-rich diet and exercising regularly is important for your immune system health.

It is crucial to support your immune system to be able to fight off viruses. You can best do this by eating a nutrient-rich diet and exercising regularly. That could be a short home workout like these on ClassPass or just going for a walk everyday. Working out boosts your immune system and is a huge stress-reliever. 

Get tested regularly and see your doctor

Getting tested regularly will ensure that you are staying safe and also keeping those around you safe. It will also improve your mental health by knowing if you have the virus or not, instead of having a constant worry. Doctors appointments are also very important for managing your health and catching any illnesses early. 

Get vaccinated

Make sure to get vaccinated yearly!

Although COVID-19 seems like the only virus right now, don’t forget to get your yearly flu shot. Flu season is back, and boosting your immune system against traditional viruses is more important than ever to staying healthy when you’re facing multiple infectious agents.