Fun Activities: Explore Your City With Your Sisters.

We suggest going out and exploring the city, if you are looking for some fun activities for you and your sorority sisters. Visit museums and exhibits and learn more about where you live (and possibly more about your sisters).

A lot of college students go out of state to study. The city where your university is will become your home for all purposes for at least four years. Friends and family will ask you “How is your city?”, “Do you like it?”, “What can you go see?”. When they visit they will want to explore it with you.

Many times, we don’t take the time to really get to know the city we are living in. By now you know your way around campus perfectly and you know some of the best food joints and coffee shops. Have you really explored all that the city has to offer? Ask yourself: What is the history and culture of this great city or town you live in?

Set a Saturday for it. Invite your sisters, especially the ones you don’t get to hang out with during the week. Use tools such as TripAdvisor or Google to find the nearest museum or exhibition. There are many types of cultural events which can be super fun and will be a great addition to your sisterhood bonding activities:

Here are some ideas:

  • Wax Museum
  •  Street art exhibitions
  • Fashion museums
  • Music museums
  • Interactive science museums
  • and many many more!

Throughout this experience you can get to understand how your sisters view life, and what their perspectives are. You can see things in a whole new light. You can learn what interests your sisters. Also, it’s a great excuse to get to know some new people.

So plan a day to a museum or exhibition with your sisters. Get to know them more, and the place you all live. Make the place you live in and the people you share it with feel more like home.

Here are some tips to make a day at a museum more enjoyable:

  1. Interactive museums are extra fun.
  2. Many museums will have a night performance worth seeing.
  3. There are always discounts for students.
  4. And discounts for big groups. Take advantage of that!
  5. Spend some quality time at the gift shop, there are cool things to check out. This is a great opportunity to purchase holiday gifts for your family members.
  6. Take some cool group photos at interesting spots in the museum.
  7. Don’t stay too long. A couple hours is usually more than enough.
  8. Make a day out of it, by going for ice-cream afterwards, or for a walk. Maybe just go for a coffee and comment about the day.

This can make for a great day. It can be part of your list of sisterhood bonding activities. And you will certainly impress visitors with all that you have experienced!