Philanthropy Showcase: How Diabetes Is Affecting the United States

Diabetes is the motivation behind the sorority philanthropy events that Alpha Gamma Delta holds every year around campuses.

Here are some facts about diabetes:

Diabetes facts

Can you believe this?! “About a third of people with diabetes have not been diagnosed”

That makes you think. Who around me could be diabetic? How likely is it for me to get diabetes?

Here are some symptoms:

–             Urinating often

–            Feeling very thirsty

–            Feeling very hungry (even though you are eating frequently)

–            Experiencing extreme fatigue

–            Blurry vision

–            Having cuts/bruises which heal at a slow pace

–            Weight loss – even though you are eating more (specific to type 1)

–            Tingling, pain or numbness in the hands/feet (specific to type 2)

However, it is true, that sometimes, symptoms are not very prevalent.

So what do you do?

There are some factors which may put you at risk of type 2 diabetes (the most common type of diabetes). Gender, heritage, and blood pressure are some of the factors that can affect your likelihood of having type 2 diabetes. I recommend taking a Type 2 Diabetes Risk TestThis test was created by the American Diabetes Association. The idea of the test is to bring awareness of the risk. This test is very short and will give you a final score from 1-10. If your score is 5 or higher, you are at high risk. Now there is only one way of knowing if you actually have Type 2 Diabetes, and that’s confirming with your doctor.

diabetes risk scale

I would really suggest taking this test. Even if you are sure of not having type 2 diabetes. This test will give you insights to what factors put you more at risk. Being informed is the best way to prevent  diabetes later on. Some risks are related to genetics. Other factors such as exercising, and eating healthy are easy and could save lives.

Alpha Gamma DeltaThe amazing women at Alpha Gamma Delta have chosen this issue as one worth solving. These girls raise money, but most importantly, they raise awareness for the cause. Diabetes is quite overlooked. However, it is extremely dangerous. This is why Alpha Gamma Delta is devoted to this cause.

ΑΓΔ is collaborating with the American Diabetes Association. ΑΓΔ helps raise funds for research and development. These funded projects exist so they can solve challenging problems around managing and in some cases curing diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association is the largest diabetes focused nonprofit organization. There focus encompasses all types of diabetes (you can learn more about the types in next week’s blog).

The sisters at ΑΓΔ go beyond raising funds at their sorority philanthropy events for ADA. They are also involved in their communities and schools to help raise awareness. They volunteer to educate the people in their community with the goal of putting a stop to diabetes!

Learn more about what ΑΓΔ is doing here