Start Your Day with Morning Stretches

Do you ever feel like going right back to bed in the morning? Drain of energy and too tired to face your busy schedule?

I bet you answered yes to that, we sure did!

No worries, we have an easy way to start the day better. Start more energized and ready to face that crazy world.

Start your morning with some easy stretches!

There are many different types of stretches. Depending how people differentiate them there are 3 – 6 types. The two important differences are static and dynamic stretches. These stretches can be active or passive

Here is a chart to help you understand what each of these involve:

types of stretches

Dynamic morning stretches are good for increasing your heart rate and blood flow. You will feel more awake.

There are almost 700 skeletal muscles, 200 of which are responsible for main functions.

So which muscles do you stretch?

Our recommendation is to try to have variation. Stretch each major body part. Use a couple different stretches to work the biggest muscles around those areas.

These are some examples:

morning stretches exercises


There are so many more stretches you can try. And you know yourself best, so try some different ones. Work on the areas that you think need the most work!

Here are 5 reasons why morning stretches will be beneficial for you:

Improved Posture:

You sit down most of the day (class, studying, and other commitments). Sitting down for long hours can cause you to develop bad posture. Morning stretches will loosen up your muscles to prevent this.

Fewer Aches and Pains

Most muscle and joint pains develop in the morning, due to the change in muscle tension at work after a long period of rest. Stretching out in the mornings will prevent these muscle pains from developing throughout the day.

Increase Blood Flow

The movement of these stretches will activate your blood flow. Your body will activate, including your brain! It is always important to have a good blood flow for your body to function. Morning stretches will help you get your blood flow going, supplying oxygen to all your body. This way you will feel better and more energized. You will also find it is easier to concentrate, especially in that early morning class!

Greater Amount of Energy

Stretching will actually prevent you from feeling tired. It also helps to maintain your energy levels up throughout the entire day!

Sets the tone for the day!

This is my favorite! It is hard to enjoy a day when it starts poorly. You know those days when you, miss the bus, it starts raining right after you blow dried your hair, you forgot you had an assignment due. Starting with stretches will ensure that you start with a positive note. Kristin Anderson, a certified personal trainer, stretching releases mood-enhancing endorphins. You will feel balanced and happy. If obstacles come your way you will face them with a positive and don’t let them ruin your day. <3

Tip: At first you can switch around between stretches to see which work best for you. However, you should try to get into a series that you can repeat. This way it will become automatic and effortless.