4 College Study Tips To Kick Off The Semester

study-tipsAnother exciting term is about to begin, and you know what that means – lots of studying!

Some people seem to have a natural talent for it. Still, no matter how you feel about it, you can make your study sessions more productive if you use techniques that are right for you. It’s all about knowing how you learn best.

Let’s look at some important study tips:

Take Lots of Notes

Many professors allow students to take notes on laptops, so if you have one, don’t be afraid to write “everything,” then cut it down to key points later. If you learn better by listening rather than reading, ask whether you are allowed to record lectures.

If you write as much as you can in your notes the first week, then by the second week, you’ll start to understand what kinds of details your professor considers most important and narrow things down.

Break Down Pages of Notes into Brief Note Cards

Names, dates, places, definitions – sometimes, it’s easy to see which material will show up in assignments later. You can make your notes easier to study by making note cards with a single question and answer pair on each one.

Why is this so effective? It only takes five minutes to study a handful of note cards, so you can jog your memory by consulting them throughout the day. When your brain has to access this new information over and over, it’ll “learn” your notes are important.


Don’t Cram – Review Gradually

Reviewing new material within 24 hours of being introduced to it can really improve your ability to recall it later. Devote at least an hour, the day after class, to reading your lecture notes.

Spend another hour on the readings for the week, and break them down into manageable chunks of pages so you can finish them by the next lecture.

And, yes – in the morning before class, review your reading notes again. This will help you participate in class discussions and strengthen your memory. Always try to answer at least one question in every lecture!

Make Studying a Group Effort

Sometimes, it can be hard to find good study partners. But remember, everyone wants to improve. As a sorority woman, you may have sisters in some of your classes that you can study with.

Here’s how to get the most out of study groups: Explain concepts to others. For example, if there’s five questions to do, everyone should focus on one and then try to explain the answer completely to everyone else.

This helps you become an “expert” on one question – the one you worked on – while getting different perspectives on all the others.

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