How to Land your Dream Internship

Internships in your intended field can be the best way to show future employers or graduate programs that you are committed and experienced. Many internships will also offer college juniors a full-time return offer, securing their post-grad plans. But, we know landing a competitive internship can be a daunting task. You might be wondering where to look, how to find time to apply, and how to best present yourself on applications. Don’t fear, MCR has you covered! 

Here are our top 6 tips for landing your dream internship


1. Explore your options.

Look at your school’s online job board and LinkedIn internship postings. See where other members in your chapter interned or work now and what kinds of jobs and companies interest you. Post a Buzz message in MCR asking if anyone in the chapter has any leads in a specific area.

2. Create a list or spreadsheet of companies you’re interested in.

Keep track of their application deadlines and all other key info! The more internships you apply to early (as long as you take time on your applications), the better chance you have of at least landing an interview.

3. Network, network, network!

Most companies have recruiters for each college campus- find out who they are and don’t be afraid to send an email or LinkedIn message their way. Reach out to alumni to learn more about their jobs and past internships. If you’re lucky, they might offer you a referral, which will really help distinguish your application.

4. Start your applications early.

Make sure to spend time on your resume, cover letter, and any supplemental questions they have. Focus on your selling points and what makes you unique and awesome! Companies receive hundreds of applications, so it’s important to show you’re committed and not just applying to every position you come across online. You can do this through personalizing your cover letter and resume to the job and company specifically. Lastly, always try and send your applications in early. Many companies accept applications on a rolling basis, so earlier never hurts

5. Crush the interview.

Practice interview questions and your responses. Have a friend or family member interview you and give you feedback, or even record yourself on Zoom! Now that most interviews are virtual, it’s crucial to be able to present yourself and clearly articulate why you’re a great fit for the position. Often, you might not even have an actual interviewer, like in HireVues! Read these tips on how to succeed in your next video interview.


6. Follow up!

Send a thank you to your interviewer. They’re likely interviewing countless applicants, and going that extra mile will show them you care. 

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